︎︎︎    ArcFest London

︎︎︎    Transmedia Identity System

An identity system that celebrates the functional and creative purpose of the annual, month-long festival dedicated to showcasing architecture and city-making.

Inspired by the golden mean, the identity represents a set of architectural foundations: solidity, function, and proportion.

Through the interchangeability of isometric configurations, the dashes from the original mark take on the representation of foundation and framework.

The concept of stacking is echoed throughout the system, alluding to building blocks and the communal aspects of city-making.

The event manual illustrates the motif of stacking through its stitched “half-jacket.”

The website offers an interactive experience—one can explore the mark as a three dimensional space and its reactivity to light and color. The lighting and color is responsive to the position of the sun (GMT+1). 

The calendar brings together two “half-jackets” to set up a festive reveal.