︎︎︎    Willow House

︎︎︎    Visual Identity System

A visual identity for a desert retreat in far West Texas that explores the connection between the property’s sentient structures and its surrounding landscape.

Offering unobstructed views of the Chisos Mountains, the property is located six miles outside Big Bend National Park in Terlingua, Texas. Willow House stands for three principles: respect for the natural landscape, preservation of the mountain range views, and protection from the elements.

︎︎︎    Reference Images

The mark’s fluctuation illustrates the casitas’ adaptability to changing temperatures, serving as a sanctuary under any condition.

An interactive map of the property not only allows guests to explore the unique characteristics and amenities that each casita has to offer but also functions as a booking tool.

The digital compass, overlayed with a map, serves as a guide: to help guests navigate between Willow House and its remote wilderness and to promote the exploration of the surrounding landscape.

The lookbook cover, along with tabs that lead to a map, serves as a compass in respect to the property’s coordinates. The lookbook comprises three sections, which are the principles Willow House values.